ok somehow I managed to actually GAIN a follower. I have made negative progress toward my goal of reducing the count to 125 followers. this situation needs to be handled

still stuck at 126 followers, come on let’s get this down to 125. we can do this

lets talk about disgusting fetishes

okay imagine this

and its got all sorts of grime on it. i’m talking mud, garbage, the stuff on the floors of movie theaters. all that stuff has combined to assail this fetish and it is just completely filthy. thats the most disgusting fetish i can think of off the top of my head

"no, like what if the electron was over THERE"
“oh, over THERE”
“do it yourself”
thank you professor

people in this lecture just asked “but what if the electron was somewhere else” like twenty times. then you would do the same math a little different, what the fuck are you expecting

hey wait all the main pairs of pokemon games have just been different kinds of a red and blue version. we’ve been tricked

wait fuck is latias going to stick to sapphire version for the remakes. am i really going to have to reconsider my choice because of this.

Hply Shit. therd (3) track Mario kart 8 is made of cake; Cake Is a lie??, half Life confrim

Epic moments In gaming: five baby characters in mario Kart Eight. 8 minus 5 =3. VAlve And nentendo???

false alarm disregard last post