you: this video looks like shit did you make this with a toaster


holy shit you guys the five nights at freddy’s sequel looks terrifying

new idea for horror game youtube videos: dogcam. why have your annoying fucking face in the corner when you could have a dog there

I would maybe have some respect for my father’s point of view on current events if I hadn’t heard him chuckling derisively during a news report about michael brown and ferguson

cool fact about me: when I’m walking on totally flat normal ground I have about a .005% chance per step of fucking up and putting my foot down in some weird way that probably could sprain my ankle

ferguson comes up in conversation, somebody says “most of those protesters probably aren’t even from there” as though even if that were remotely true that would somehow invalidate the purpose behind the protests

in a surprising announcement on wednesday game freak confirms the widely anticipated mega-evolution for flygon, revealing that its typing will be steel/poison with their reasoning being “fairy-types are assholes”

friend wonders what would be different if people had grippy fingers instead of opposable thumbs, initiating a discussion on the topic. I follow up with asking how society would be different if cups were never invented, initiating an argument about the semantics of the word “society”