just a sample of my upcoming tumblr miniseries, epic moments of gaming. chronicling the greatest moments of video game history. test your mettle as a true gamer in a battle of wits against the ultimate video game mind

Epic Moments In Gaming:
Free demo Of metroid Prime Hunters found On Ground, Hell Yes

anyway that’s enough mood blogging for one year, thanks for participating and look forward to the usual toneless content you all know and love

do u ever get a weird nagging worry that being too happy will somehow invalidate something important that you associate with sadness. or like having a positive attitude is gonna make you a worse person by way of somehow erasing other feelings you’ve had

Top Five Saddest Moments In Games
5: Link Dies ( Legend Of the Zelda)
4: Mario dies (Wrecking Crew)
3: Blue Shell ( Mario Cart )
2: Samus is Girl (Adventures of Metroid)
1: Internal Battery Dies (Pokemon)

saw an Oregon Ducks shirt today but the words had some camo pattern or something so it looked like it said DRAGON DICKS from a distance

had a dream about who knows what but at some point I told someone “I only run for publicity so these kids can go fuck themselves”

my story is one of sadness and loss. growth and renewal. friendship and betrayal. so this one time I played pokemon mystery dungeon and

just gonna post this blast from the past because it’s still one of the most immediately satisfying databends I’ve done


am i seriously the only one that thought handsome jack and his story were kinda sad

nah. also isn’t that upcoming pre-sequel supposed to be more about him doing more morally ambiguous stuff rather than just outright evil world-domination stuff