relatable teen post: when you remember that time after the first day of a middle school plastics shop class when someone sharpened a piece of plastic and jabbed it at your back

it pisses me off that over the summer I saw a beach house in north carolina called ‘sailor moon’ but there’s no way after the fact to frame a joke around it because literally nowhere online is there a clear picture of the name sign

I wish real bees worked like the bees in yoshi’s story where instead of stinging you for getting too close to the nest they just make a wall of bees that don’t let you get past

sometimes you are the only person who can prove that something thought impossible can really be done. like today when I performed an actual slow motion slide-on-your-face-with-both-legs-in-the-air faceplant, until now thought only possible in the realm of cartoon slapstick

keep making typos pal just try me

use it yourself

use it yourself

"bikini babies"

and another thing I don’t get: hot babe posters. like, I could google “bikini model” right now and get a million equivalent pictures if I was some straight chump who just HAD to get a boner. what benefit does this poster have. I’m pissed off and throwing chairs. what is the bikini babe secret

*scribbles red circles and arrows pointing out some obvious shit in a picture* Holy SHIT You Guys Do You See That!!!!!!

isn’t it weird how the key to solving the code in my blog’s summary is literally right in front of you as you read this. isn’t it weird how that works